We offer a wide range of services for your animal family members needs.  We are currently in the process of being certified by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitter Associates and are a member of the Professional United Pet Sitters.

  • Pet Sitting – If you are going out of town or even just would like someone to stop by and check on them while you are at work, we are here to provide the care and comfort your pets deserves while they stay in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pet Taxi Service – Does your dog need to go to the vet, groomer, etc. but with your busy work schedule it’s hard to get them there?  Let us get them where they need to be stress free.
  • Daily Dog Walking – Let us take your dog out on a standard walk.  Whether its just around your house or out to a local park.
  • Daily Dog Running – Some pets are in good shape and a walk is just not enough for them.  Let us take your pet out for a guaranteed 3 mile run.
  • Pooper Scooper – Do you wish you could use your yard without worrying about where your pets have done their business?  Give us a call and we can come out and clean your yard to allow for outdoor family time with no worries.
  • Plant/Home Care – Not only can we handle your pets, we can handle looking after your plants and home while you are away.
  • Overnight Care – If your pet doesn’t like going to the boarding kennel or you just want to know that they are safe and sound within your own home.  We will come stay the night with them to comfort and care for them while you are away.
  • Special Needs Pets – If your pet has special needs such as medication or special feeding or exercise needs, we will be more than happy to provide the special care your pet needs.
  • Obedience Training – If you are in need of obedience training for your pet, here at AAPC we highly recommend local ABCDT Certified Trainer Ken Blackburn of Blackstar Training Specialties.

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